Vol. VII, Episode 3

Civil War Ironclads

Enjoy the discussion between Will and historial and US Navy officer Andrew Roscoe talk about iron war ships, the innovations during the Civil War, and some of their effects seen in later naval combat.

Ironclad Topics

USS New Ironsides and the USS Galena

Invention of the City Class of Ironsides and their combat performance on rivers

Confederate Response to US Ironclads

Specialty craft, such as the CS submarine, HL Hunley, and the introduction of submarine warfare

Innovations in naval warfare and their effects on today's navy

Further Reading

The Navy History and Heritage Command is responsible for managing a variety of museums and archives relating to US Naval History.

Photo of the USS New Ironsides in the distance off of Morris Island, South Carolina circa Sept 1863
during the bombardment of Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie.
Library of Congress photo

The late historian Ed Bearss discusses the raising of the USS Cairo
Ed Bearss C-Span Video

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